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Bulk material can be ordered to your specifications of size, or pieces to the pound.   The first 7 items listed are available in inch to 3 inch +.  All prices are in US dollars, FOB Tucson, Arizona or El Paso, Texas.  Sizes smaller than listed upon special order. WHEN AVAILABLE.


CHALCOPYRITE                       1 FLAT                                  2-10 FLATS                           11-50 FLATS                         51 + FLATS                          

            $5.00/lb.                      $4.50/lb.                      $4.00/lb.                      $3.75/lb


CALCITE                               1 FLAT                                  2-10 FLATS                           11-19 FLATS                         20+FLATS

Colors                                      $2.75/lb.                      $2.50/lb.                      $2.25/lb                       $2.00/lb

(Acid washed in 20 lb. flats available in Orange, Green, Blue, Citrine or Red. Colors may be combined to reach total weight)


RED FLUORESCENT          $3.00/lb           when available

 CALCITE  20 lb flats


PYRITE  (mirror)                    50 lbs               100 lbs             500 lbs             1000 lbs

  20 lb flats or                           $2.25/lb.          $1.75/lb.          $1.65/lb           $1.50/lb

50 lb boxes


GYPSUM ROSE                    50 lbs                    100 lbs.            1000 lbs.         

Frosted in 40-50 lb boxes         $2.00/lb           $1.75/lb           $1.35/lb          


PURPLE FLUORITE(Mexico)  50 lbs              100 lbs             500 lbs                            

(Crystal Specimen)                   $8.50/lb           $7.50/lb           $7.00/lb          


LODESTONE(Mexico)             40 lbs               100 lbs             100 + lbs

20 lb flats                                 $2.00/lb           $1.75/lb           $1.50/lb


APACHE TEARS                  20-100 lbs       100+ lbs                      

20 lb boxes (loose)                   $3.00/lb           $2.50/lb          


ICELAND SPAR(Mexico)        50 lbs.              100 lbs.            101+ lbs

1 inch to 3+ inches                    $4.50/lb           $4.25/lb           $3.75/lb

By the flat only


OPTICAL CALCITE(Brazil)    1-100 lbs         100 + lbs

                                                $15.00/lb         $12.50/lb     when available


GROSSULAR GARNET      50 lbs               100 lbs             101+ lbs

(Single crystals)                        $5.00/lb           $4.25/lb           $4.00/lb



#1 SIZED (clean)                     when available priced by the flat in 35's, 24's and by the pound

#2 MINE RUN                        when available


FLUORITE BLUE/GREEN         Bulk sized 15lb Flats $45.00 per flat

FLUORITE BLUE/GREEN          20 lbs              

High-grade                               $4.00/lb          when available

                                                100 lbs             500 lbs             1000 lbs

Mine Run                                 $1.50/lb           $1.25/lb           $1.00/lb


PERIDOT/BASALT              100 lbs             500 lbs             1000 lbs

By the box only                        $1.50/lb           $1.00/lb           $0.80/lb