Top-Gem Minerals sells business to business, WHOLESALE ONLY.
We require that our customers have valid business licenses, business cards
or other documentation allowing us to sell to them without charging sales tax.
A federal EIN, a city or county business license do not fulfill these requirements.

Unless a previous agreement has been made between a customer and Top-Gem,
all sales are on a cash basis, payable in United States Dollars.
Payment may be made in cash, by check or money order, bank transfer or credit card.
If a customer is granted a credit account, normal terms are net 30.
You agree that balances unpaid after 30 days will accrue interest at 1.5% per month.
There will be a $25.00 fee for returned checks,
which amount, you agree,  will be added to the outstanding invoice.
Should legal services be required to collect any delinquent account,
you agree that any and all legal fees will become part of the balance due.
All merchandise to be shipped will be shipped using the criteria of cheapest and best.
Top-Gem will use itís years of shipping experience to find
the cheapest and best method of shipping goods.
All shipments are FOB Tucson. At the customerís request,
Top-Gem will use whatever freight or shipping company the customer desires.
Top-Gem Minerals has many years experience in packing and shipping.
We strive to provide the best packing and shipping in the industry.
However, from time to time, some damage will occur during shipping.
Should this happen, please follow the below listed procedures:
    1.  Ascertain the extent of damage and determine what goods
might be saleable at some price.
    2.  Notify Top-Gem Minerals
    3.  Save all packaging.
We may initiate a claim with the carrier and review your invoice.
A credit may be issued to you. NO CASH REFUNDS.
Return authorization for anything other than freight damage
must first have approval of Top-Gem management.
If you are unsatisfied with any of the shipped merchandise that we selected,
you may get a credit for same upon the successful return to Top-Gem of undamaged goods.
You must notify Top-Gem within ten days after receipt of goods to get a credit.
Return freight charges are your responsibility and goods must arrive in saleable condition.
If, because of poor packaging, your returned goods arrive damaged,
there will be no credit to you Ė you will be required to pay the invoice
in its entirety and there will be no credit on future purchases.
A restocking fee of $25.00 may apply.
We reserve the right to sever business relations at any time without cause.